10 Years of Personal Stories

The Foundation strives to communicate the services provided, the partnerships fostered, and the donations made. But perhaps the most meaningful way to assess the value of the Dental Clinic is in the positive changes made in the lives of the patients we serve. 

For ten years we have interacted with thousands of people who are grateful for access to quality, affordable dental care that results in tangible health improvements, one visit at a time. These ongoing Clinic appointments have helped reduce dental visits to the Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital of Martinsville and Henry County, even though the national trend is an increase in dental emergency room visits. The daily smiles on our patients’ faces are what mean so much, year in, year out. 

Melissa Hopkins Michael Flood Heather Smith

Melissa Hopkins of Horsepasture

"I worked in the furniture factory for years but had to stop when my daughter became seriously ill. Now my full-time job is taking care of my daughter. I stood in line the day the Clinic opened 10 years ago, and was one of the first people to be treated by the dentist. Sure enough, the dentist found some cavities. Over the years, I had regular checkups, root canals, and even my wisdom teeth pulled at the Clinic. It has become my dentist's office since I cannot afford a private dentist. I pay about $20 a visit. If it were not for the Clinic, I would just suffer."

Michael Flood of Collinsville

"I was the eighth patient the day the Clinic opened, and I have been coming here ever since. I worked in the furniture factories and textile mills here. Now I am disabled and have no insurance, so I can't afford a private dentist. 
Without the Clinic, I would have lost all my teeth. But thankfully, I have only lost two. What has occurred here at the Clinic in the past 10 years is simply amazing."

Heather Smith of Fieldale

"I was there 10 years ago when the Clinic opened, and I have been a patient ever since. My mother and two sisters are also patients. I don't know what we would do without the Clinic. I have a problem with cavities, and the dentists at the Clinic saved most of my teeth and whitened them. Now, when I'm working at the restaurant, I am confident enough about my teeth to smile at customers. It's wonderful to have the clinic in Martinsville-Henry County, and I hope the community will continue to support it."