VCU StudentsVCU Students Return to Martinsville

It’s a normal week at the Community Dental Clinic in Martinsville for the first time in 15 months.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the Clinic, which provides dental care to low-income adults and children, to close in March 2020.  Last month, Dr. Aimn Abbasi became the Clinic Dentist.

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Dr. AbbasiDentist Joins Community Dental Clinic in Martinsville 

Dr. Aimn Abbasi, a dentist with 10 years’ experience, has joined the Community Dental Clinic in Martinsville.

Dr. Abbasi comes from Lynchburg, where she was the clinic director at Aspen Dental.  Previously, she was a dentist at Health First Family Care Center in Fall River, MA.   She completed her residency at Boston University and received Post-Graduate Certification from Marquette University after her initial dentistry training in her native Pakistan

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10th Anniversary

Community Dental Clinic Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years ago tomorrow, more than 200 people stood in line as the Community Dental Clinic opened in Uptown Martinsville. Today, the Clinic observes its 10th anniversary, having provided more than $8 million in dental services to unemployed or uninsured children and adults. Since the opening, there have been approximately 37,000 patient visits.

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Dr. HartiganDr. Hartigan Comes Home to Martinsville

It seems like “old home week” for Dr. James Hartigan. He remembers the opening of the Community Dental Clinic in Uptown Martinsville because he was there, as the first dentist at the Clinic on Fayette Street. Now, 10 years later, he was returned to the Clinic, operated by the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation. The Clinic offers reduced fee dental services for the poor or uninsured in the community, providing nearly 5,000 patient visits last year.

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Dr. Amanda Meade

Clinic Dentist Says Martinsville Feels Like Home

Dr. Amanda Meade is in her third week in Martinsville, and already she says she feels at home.

Dr. Meade is the new full-time dentist at the Community Dental Clinic, operated by the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation.  Now in its ninth year, the Clinic is on Fayette Street in Uptown.

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Dental Foundation Prepares for Better Year

While experiencing a challenging 2014-15, the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation now is well positioned to expand its services in the Martinsville-Henry County community. 

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