Joanne Davie

Joanne Davie and Dentist
About 20 years ago, Joanne and her husband, Jim, were working in the wholesale fashion business in Manhattan and living in the New Jersey suburbs.

At 37, Joanne had her first child, Alex. At 18 months, Alex was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and was hospitalized for months at the time. Eventually, the Davies decided to move south. After selecting Wake Forest Baptist Health for Alex’s care, they bought land in Henry County and started building their new home. 

Then, fate dealt the family another blow: Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

The family’s savings dwindled, despite Jim’s working from home and caring for Joanne and Alex. Insurance paid for most of the medical care, but there was no money left for dental services. 

“Our finances spiraled out of control,” Joanne recalls. “Bills continued to pile up from New York, and we struggled.” They stopped construction on their house. “Then I met Dr. Hartigan who suggested our family could get care at the Community Dental Clinic,” said Joanne. “We qualified and for the past 10 years, my whole family have been patients. 

Thankfully, things are looking up for the Davies. Alex’s condition has improved, and he is in college. Joanne’s cancer treatment went smoothly and her health is good. At age 42, she gave birth to Michael, now 16. A few years later, Joanne went to work with Henry County Schools.

“Without the Community Dental Clinic, we simply would not have had any dental care. The team of dentists is outstanding, and their impact on our community is profound,” adds Joanne.

The Davies’ story is one of thousands that occur every year at the Community Dental Clinic. The Clinic, operated by the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation, depends on the financial support of the community. As you plan for charitable giving this year, please consider donating to the Foundation.