Our 10th Year in Review

In our first 10 years, we have always embraced the two aspects of our mission: impacting patients with dental care, and creating viable opportunities for professional oral health education.

Improving Oral Health Care
  • In 2015, the Clinic welcomed 4,856 patients, an increase of 16%. Dental services provided for the year are valued at $1.1 million.
  • In 10 years, the Clinic served the community with 37,000 patient visits, providing dental care valued at $8 million. 
  • Fees from patients and Medicaid totaled $177,800 in 2015. With financial support, the Clinic ran a deficit of $70,000.
Providing Oral Health Care
  • The Clinic is grateful for its partnership with the Virginia Dental Association and Patrick Henry Community College which enables students to become community dental health coordinators, a new level of dental health providers. Students can earn a CDHC certificate and are trained to work in clinics, schools, public health settings, and private practices to help people learn more about dental care and prevention of oral disease.
  • With the help of its educational partners, the Clinic experienced a significantly higher level of production in 2015. By requesting a dramatic increase in student rotations, the Clinic was able to provide the service hours possible to meet the desperate dental needs of the community.
Renewing Technology & Equipment
  • This year the Clinic had to upgrade its much-needed sterilizer for an additional cost of nearly $6,000. When the digital scanner (ScanX) unexpectedly failed, the Clinic purchased a new one for an unbudgeted expense of $19,894.33.
  • Technology and equipment expenses greatly exceeded budget projections for 2015 and development account funds will  be needed to help cover these necessary improvement costs.