Our Generous Donors

Mr. and Mrs. John Abercrombie
Mr. George B. Adams
Mr. Jeff W. Adkins
Ameristaff, Inc.
Mr. Reed Anderson
Dr. C.E. Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Clarke Beckner
Doris Berry
Katherine Boaz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Brown
Mr. Joseph Bryant
Mr. John Buck
Ms. Alice May Bumstead
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Burnette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bushnell
Mr. Worth Carter
Mrs. Ruth Groves Chaney
Mr. Smith Chaney
Charity League
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cobbe
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle and
Ailysa Cockram
Mr. Malcolm D. Coe
Ms. Nancy Cole
Mr. Gary W. Collins
Mr. John K. Collins
Marsha Collins
Collinsville Printing
Mr. James S. Connelly
Ms. Martha S. Cooper
Dr. Kenneth Covington
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Crabtree
Mr. J.T. Crawley Jr.
Ms. Peggy P. Cross
C.W. Wall Painting
Mr. David Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Davis
Delta Dental Plan of VA
Denture Express
Dr. Nicole DeShon
Dr. Craig Dietrich
Edgar & Margaret Dietrich
Dr. Barry M. Dorsey
Mr. Michael B. Eanes
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus R. Earles
Drs. Paul & Margie Eason
Ms. Barbara T. Epperly
Judy Epperly
Dr. John P. Favero
Ms. Patricia A. Featherstun
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fentress
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Ferrill
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Finch
Mission Committee First Presbyterian
Church of Martinsville
Presbyterian Women First
Presbyterian Church of
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fitzgibbons
Mr. Burr Fox
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Friends of Charles Poindexter
Mr. Jay Frith

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Frith
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Gehrken
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh & Donna Gerlach
Mr. David P. Gilleran
Groves-Chaney Foundation
Mr. Irving Groves, Jr. 
Mr. Jonathan Hagmaier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald & Mary Haley
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harm
Haverline Labels, Inc.
HD Web Studio
Ms. Betty Heaton
Ms. Barbara Helmick
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hensley
Hermes Family Foundation
Mr. J. Henry Hershey
High Ridge Baptist Church
Hillcrest Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl & Lillian
Mr. H.M. Holland
Ms. Lillian D. Holland
Ms. Martha Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Holland
Ms. Peggy Hollander
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Holsinger
Hooker Furniture
Ms. Katherine Hooker
Mr. DeWitt House
Mr. Robert Hubble
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Huckfeldt
Mr. Gideon Huddle
Mr. Maury Hundley
Irving and Jett Groves Charitable
Ran & Linda Isley
Ms. Barbara Jackman
Mr. Matthew Johnson
Jones Chapel Church of the
Dr. David Jones
Dr. James P. Julian
KEA Consulting Services, LLC
Dr. H.E. Kiser
Dr. and Mrs. Mervyn King
Mr. William Kirby
Ms. Kelli Krumenacker
Ms. Barbara Kurtz
Ms. Ann E. Lackey
Memory of Dr. Leon Lackey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. Don Lampe
Mr. and Mrs. James & Delma
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Leizer
Mrs. Margaret E. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Lester
Dr. and Mrs. David Lewis
Mrs. Debbie Lewis
Mr. Henry Long

Lucy P. Sale Foundation
Lynn Prillaman Mable Insurance
Mallard & Mallard CPAs
Dr. Raymond Mallinak
Mr. Bill Manning
Marjorie Sutton Memorial
Ms. Donna Martin
Martinizing Dry Cleaning
Martinsville Area Community
Martinsville Bulletin
Martinsville First Savings Bank
Martinsville Glass Company, Inc.
Martinsville-Henry Chamber of
Rev. Ronald & Saundra Mateer
Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews
Ms. Langhorne S. Mauck
Dr. Joseph May
Ms. Patricia May
Mr. Paul May
McCabe Memorial Baptist Church
Mrs. Charlotte W. McClain
Mr. and Mrs. James McClain
Mr. Stephen McCrickard
Memorial Hospital
Dr. Kenneth B. Midkiff
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Monday
Dr. Peyton Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore
Ms. Shermale H. Motley
Dr. and Mrs. James Muehleck
Mr. William Myers
Nease Holding Co., LLC
Nelson Auto
Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Oakes
Mr. and Mrs. Will Pannill
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Peitz
Ms. Bonnie O. Pendleton
Piedmont Community Services
G. Ronald Pigg
Ms. Jayne E. Plaster
Ms. Patricia B. Price
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Prince
Pro Automotive, Inc.
A.F. Rabon
Dr. Pam Randall
Ms. Vicki M. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Reid
Mr. Roscoe Reynolds
Dr. John Rhoday
Dr. Donald W. Richman
Mrs. Lewis Riddle
River Community Bank, N. A.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike & Pam

Ms. Pamela H. Robertson
Ms. Allyson Rothrock
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Rountree
Mr. Larry Ryder
S & K Office Products, Inc.
Sale Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. George Scouras
Mrs. Eliza Severt, memory of 
Joan Snyder
Mr. Horace F. Sharp
Dr. James Shearer
Mr. William Sibbick
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Smith
Mr. David K. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Smith, Jr.
Mr. H. Fletcher Smith, Jr. 
Mr. John Redd Smith, Jr.
Ms. Mary M. Smith
Ms. Mary R. Smith
Dr. Edward P. Snyder
Southern Virginia Properties
Ms. Joyce C. Stables
Stanley Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Myra Stegall
Dr. George Stermer
Mr. Danny Stevens
Stone Family Charitable Fund
Mr. David L. Stone
Ms. Ivey Courtney Stone
Mr. James C. Stone, Sr.
Mr. Vincent C. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stone
The Harvest Foundation of the
Ms. Julie Hairfield Thomas
Ms. Ellen Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tobin
Ms. Theresa M. Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Towarnicki
Mr. and Mrs. Will & Meredith
Mr. Dale Wagoner
Mr. L.D. Walker
Dr. John H. Walrod
Mr. and Mrs. Noel & Lynn Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Ruff & Sandra Wheless
Mrs. Merle H. White
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Whiston
Ms. Elif Wilk
William Whidbee Sale & Virginia B.
Sale Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. & Lucy Wilson
Dr. James L. Wilson
Mr. Max Wingett
Winn Properties
Ms. M. Martha Woody
Mr. James M. Wyatt, III
Mr. William Young