Our History with Harvest Foundation

Harvest Foundation has been the financial partner of the Dental Foundation since its inception. Ten years ago, more than 1,200 residents stood in line for hours to recieve free dental care at a Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic. With the regional reality illustrated so clearly, dentists in the community decided to take immediate action to ensure everyone had access to dental care. The West Piedmont Health District and the Harvest Foundation and the Martinsville/Henry County Dental Advisory Committee developed a plan for "A Sustainable Indigent Dental Clinic." The Piedmont Virginia Health Foundation was established in 2005 to plan for a dental clinic. Harvest Foundation has made grants totaling $1.7 million. Without the financial support of the Harvest Foundation, the Dental Clinic would not exist today. 

The community Dental Clinic opened in 2006 with funds from government agencies, grants from private foundations, as well as generous donations from businesses and individuals. Local dentists volunteer their time to supervise the care provided by dental students at the VCU School of Dentistry. In this unique partnership, all fourth-year students come to Martinsville for at least one week, staying in housing provided by the Foundation with furnishings donated by community businesses.  The Foundation also supports students studying dental hygiene and dental assisting to complete the outstanding educational opportunity for students.