The Community Dental Clinic reached a major milestone in the fiscal year ending June, 30, 2018:
The Clinic has provided more than $10 million in dental services to low income adults and children in its 12-year history.

In the year, the Clinic handled more than 4,700 patient visits with services valued at $1,105,000. The Clinic provided the maximum amount of care with its available resources. Since opening in 2006, the Clinic has experienced more than 46,000 patient visits.

Income was $499,800, and expenses were $498,500. Fees from patients and Medicaid totaled $201,520. The Harvest Foundation, our financial partner, provided $201,000, leaving $140,000 to be raised from the community.

This year, the Piedmont Virginia Dental Health Foundation worked closely with Patrick Henry Community College to establish a Community Dental Health Coordinator Program. Students earn a CDHC certificate and are trained to work in clinics, schools, public health settings and private practices to help people learn more about dental care and prevention of oral health disease.

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